Month: February 2016

When I travelled back in time, teamed up with my younger self, and altered Adam Sandler’s career path

I recently got to thinking about how time-travelling always results in ironic consequences for all those involved. Therefore, I devised a way to avoid this phenomenon — by going back a short period of time to correct a very petty wrong.

Remember a few years ago when Adam Sandler was in a couple of great, emotionally-driven movies? That could have been the point where he went on to make and star in some of the best comedies of the century. Instead, he’s created… well, you know, films that have still brought joy to many people and earned a good paycheck, but just aren’t mine, and many other people’s, cup of tea.

And so, the only logical thing to do was go back in time and attempt to create a new career path for America’s funny man.

In case you ever feel inclined to manipulate time in order to correct a petty wrong yourself, I’ve created a step-by-step guide of my adventure so you have a heads up at what may come your way… (more…)


Doing the Unthinkable: Ranking the Pixar Movies

Hey, I just got back from the Internet and…. well, there’s a lot of Top 10 lists out there guys. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can see the appeal — they tickle curiosity and are a neatly structured way to get information across. And so, having always wondered about the numeric value of my opinions on the Pixar movies I grew up with, I thought, hey, I’ll jump on that bandwagon.

I mean, I’m not gonna name it ‘The Secret of This Guy’s Favourite Pixar Movies Will Shock You’ because, contrary to sloppy click-baiting beliefs, no one has ever been shocked by a listicle. The two emotions exhibited while reading a listicle are indifferent and vacant. (more…)

The Real Time Review of ‘Limitless’

With the TV adaptation of ‘Limitless’ now airing in the UK, I’ve opted to do a Real Time Review of the film that spawned it. It also gives me an opportunity to try my hand at ‘Netflix and Chill’ — something I’ve heard great things about. I have no idea what it is, got called an idiot for wishing to attempt it alone, but knocked what’s-his-face out and stole his Netflix log-in details to try it anyway.