5 Things About Sitcoms that Oddly Annoy Me

I love sitcoms. Their guaranteed laughs and minimal episode-to-episode plot development provide a consistency that is hard to beat.

However, because I’m a crazy person, there are a few things about them that oddly annoy me. Things that I find hard not to think about when watching them. Things that I will share with you now because, again, I’m a crazy person.


1. The Sets

Some of these sitcom sets make absolutely no god damn sense! I can never stop thinking about the wild blueprints of these beloved places. For example, Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is like the shape of a weird isosceles triangle. Which I could just about live with if Penny’s apartment, directly across the hall, wasn’t so normal. What in blazes does that building look like from the outside?

Also, in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’, they live in a mansion yet only ever seem to utilise the same two surprisingly linear rooms.


2. Celebrity Cameos

It’s not the cameos that annoy so much as it is the live studio audience freaking the fuck out about it. Guys, calm down — half the time I have no idea who the celebrity is and its hard to think when you lot aren’t using your inside voices.


3. Characters Returning from Vacation

When a character returns from vacation, why do they always come to work in a Hawaiian shirt? In real life, very few people would even wear one on the plane journey home, let alone put it on the next ruddy day.


4.  The Principles of Sound Do Not Apply to Sitcoms

When one sitcom character takes another sitcom character to one side to talk “in secret” about another sitcom character, they seem to get away with it — even though they’re all still stood in the same room. Why? Because, oh, I don’t know, the character they’re talking about is still nodding at a joke that was just said? Or they’re kind of, sort of, interacting with a part of the set?


5. The Fact that These Things Annoy Me

I know why these things all need to happen and yet, for some reason, they still annoy me! Am I that dead inside? What gives?

Meh, I’ll just sit down, shut up, and laugh myself silly. Thank you sitcoms — for all that you do.


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