An Interview with the Best Friends in a Romantic Comedy

You might recognise Jess and Tucker as the main characters’ best friends in every romantic comedy ever made. Whether diverging from the main story to follow Tucker’s quest to ‘get some’, or watching Jess’ one scene at the end of Act 2 where she tells the female lead to “get drunk and forget about him” they are mainstays of the genre.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jess and Tucker at the annual genre archetypes convention (other characters present included a mean girlfriend, a quirky boss, and Jennifer Aniston):


FILMIC WANDER: Guys, thanks for meeting with me. Apologies in advance if I fall asleep on you; I had a marathon of all your movies last night.

TUCKER: Well, it’s always cool to meet a fan.

FILMIC WANDER: So I heard you guys are dating now?

TUCKER: Yeah, ever since we were pushed next to each other at that big wedding at the end of the movie, we’ve really been hitting it off.

FILMIC WANDER: Right, sure. To be honest, I thought that was just a sloppy way of tying up loose ends but…

TUCKER: Nope, we’re totally compatible.

FILMIC WANDER: Fair enough. So, Jess, how’s… your job? You had a job in the movie, right?

JESS: Let’s get drunk and forget about him.


TUCKER: That’s all she says, dude.

FILMIC WANDER: Really? I remember her being underdeveloped, but surely she says something else?

JESS: Let’s get some shots, that’ll help you forget about him.

TUCKER: See? There ya go.

FILMIC WANDER: Okay, I guess you got me there. Do you mind me asking how this relationship is functional?

TUCKER: Well, she likes to say

JESS: Let’s get drunk and forget about him.

TUCKER: And I like to get drunk and forget about how much more screen-time the male lead got than me.

FILMIC WANDER: Come on man, at least you had more than one line.

JESS: I have a serious alcohol abuse problem.

FILMIC WANDER: Yes! Yes you do! I’m happy you got another line but I think you need help. I think you both need help.

TUCKER: He’s right. You know what we need?

JESS: Shots?

TUCKER: Shots!

FILMIC WANDER: I swear to god guys, if you’re about to do a drinking montage overlaid with that god damn Lil Jon song then this interview is over. Actually, you know what, this whole relationship seems like a ticking time bomb and, quite frankly, I fear for my safety  is there one of those sleeping security guards at this genre archetype convention I can wake up?


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