An Interview with Movie Poster Designer Big Phil

Wandering the streets of Hollywood, I get to meet some interesting characters from the industry who are totally 100% real… ahem… Well, today was a special treat as I got to catch up with acclaimed movie poster designer Biglington Phillips (or Big Phil for short). He shared with me a few tricks of the trade, as well as some advice for any aspiring movie poster designers out there.

FILMIC WANDER: Thanks for meeting with me Big Phil, I know your time is precious so I really appreciate it.

BIG PHIL: Look, I ain’t too big to turn down a free lunch.

FILMIC WANDER: Actually, that burrito was already on the bench when we sat down so okay, you’re just going to stick it in your mouth anyway.

BIG PHIL: You know how it is.

FILMIC WANDER: How’s business, Phil?

BIG PHIL: Not great, ain’t too many posters need designing right now; gotta hold out ’til the summer.

FILMIC WANDER: Well, there’s been a lot of animated children’s films lately that you could make posters for?

BIG PHIL: I dunno fella, the ol’ Probation Officer won’t be none too happy with that.

FILMIC WANDER: Jesus. Right, well, do you have any tips or advice?

BIG PHIL: Listen  rule number one of movie poster design is it’s all about the legs.

FILMIC WANDER: I’m going to need you to elaborate.

BIG PHIL: You ever seen an action movie star with closed legs? Nope. Gotta be open. Always open, wide open, all silhouetted and shit. It’s awesome.

FILMIC WANDER: Yeah, I guess I’ve seen that a lot. It’s kind of like how teen comedy posters always seem to have all the characters between a woman’s legs.

BIG PHIL: What are you, some kind of creep?

FILMIC WANDER: No, it’s everywhere! Super Troopers, Goldmember, every National Lampoon film…

BIG PHIL: Listen buddy, if my guys happen to decide at a photoshoot to place every cast member between some broad’s legs, then that’s their business, and purely a coincidence.

FILMIC WANDER: Oh man, you suck. Also, where did you get that second burrito from?

BIG PHIL: You’re starting to sound like my probation officer.

FILMIC WANDER: Why do you keep bringing your probation officer up?!

BIG PHIL: He’s a good guy!

FILMIC WANDER: Okay, I really want to wrap this up so just share with us a project you’ve been working on lately.

BIG PHIL: Well, the most recent thing I’ve been involved with is a bit more of an indie flick.

FILMIC WANDER: I guess it’s good to hear you’re supporting smaller pictures. Hey, maybe I caught it at the local theatre recently, what’s it called?

BIG PHIL: Seagulls React to Finding Nemo.


BIG PHIL: Ya know, a bunch of Seagulls, we tie ’em up, stick on a blu ray of Finding Nemo, see what happens.

FILMIC WANDER: That sounds like a shitty YouTube video.

BIG PHIL: Yeah I’m all over the YouTubes.

FILMIC WANDER: Do you even design actual movie posters?

BIG PHIL: Movie posters are my passion. But a man’s gotta pay the bills ya know…

FILMIC WANDER: Oh god, you design those YouTube video thumbnails don’t you?

BIG PHIL: Ya got me!

FILMIC WANDER: How is that a job?!

BIG PHIL: Well, you get a neon background, stick a screaming person over it, and boom! Dollar dollar bills, y’all!

FILMIC WANDER: Well, this explains a lot…

BIG PHIL: You’ve really gotta do more research before you conduct these interviews, fella.

FILMIC WANDER: Yep, that’s the first thing you’ve said that makes any sense. So… errr… can I get a link to that seagull video?


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