DC Comics

The Suicide Squad Need Your Help!

Uh oh, Suicide Squad is apparently not very good according to the all knowing Rotten Tomatoes percentage rating. A lot of people are deciding to give it a miss but I thought ‘meh, sounds alright, I’ll check it out’.

It was after this thought crossed my mind that I got the call. It was the Emperor of DC Comics. I didn’t know whether to ask him how he got my number or why DC Comics needs an Emperor.

I asked him to wait on hold while I finished my breakfast.



Batman & Superman’s High School Guidance Counsellor

Now, boys, I’ve heard rumours on the playground about some sort of high-octane super fight set to happen this month.

Does it matter who snitched? No, it wasn’t Robin. No, of course he’s not jealous about being left out of the DC Cinematic Universe!