Don’t Judge a Film by its Branding

When I’m old, grey, and even more bitter, I’ll gather my grandchildren around (pulling them away from The Walking Dead, which is still somehow scraping plot-points from the bottom of its shallow barrel) and make them watch ‘Balls Out’.

Yes, it’s a thing. And it’s not the raunchy sort of movie that may come to mind. Although, granted, it’s totally not suitable for grandchildren — that’ a bad move on future me’s part but you’ve got to understand that 2065 is a different time.



What America’s Hottest TV Shows Have Taught Me

People will often tell you that television teaches nothing. To counter this point I cover my ears, scream “lalalala” and — generally speaking — by this stage they’ve already walked away in disgust. However, if they’re a persistent little so-and-so, I’d recommend a cry/scream/roll-around-on-the-floor tactic. 

Most of the time that’ll do the trick but I’ve decided to improve how I handle the situation in future instances by clutching at straws (very, very thin straws) to find some things that America’s biggest shows have taught me:


The Real Time Review of ‘Limitless’

With the TV adaptation of ‘Limitless’ now airing in the UK, I’ve opted to do a Real Time Review of the film that spawned it. It also gives me an opportunity to try my hand at ‘Netflix and Chill’ — something I’ve heard great things about. I have no idea what it is, got called an idiot for wishing to attempt it alone, but knocked what’s-his-face out and stole his Netflix log-in details to try it anyway.