The Suicide Squad Need Your Help!

Uh oh, Suicide Squad is apparently not very good according to the all knowing Rotten Tomatoes percentage rating. A lot of people are deciding to give it a miss but I thought ‘meh, sounds alright, I’ll check it out’.

It was after this thought crossed my mind that I got the call. It was the Emperor of DC Comics. I didn’t know whether to ask him how he got my number or why DC Comics needs an Emperor.

I asked him to wait on hold while I finished my breakfast.



A Look at Better Call Saul’s Penultimate Episode: ‘Nailed’

For this episode titled ‘Nailed’, I’m primarily interested in the closing scene. Although, it is worth noting that it’s the result of 19 episodes’ worth of building up two complex characters — Jimmy, the lovable protagonist, and Chuck, his bitter-sweet older brother. Everything thus far has led up to this moment — like James Franco and the rock in ‘127 Hours’ — Jimmy meets a huge ultimatum at the otherwise humble location of an all-night print shop.


The Real Time Review of ‘Limitless’

With the TV adaptation of ‘Limitless’ now airing in the UK, I’ve opted to do a Real Time Review of the film that spawned it. It also gives me an opportunity to try my hand at ‘Netflix and Chill’ — something I’ve heard great things about. I have no idea what it is, got called an idiot for wishing to attempt it alone, but knocked what’s-his-face out and stole his Netflix log-in details to try it anyway.


The Unorthodox Review of Avengers: Age of Ultron (Part 1)


The clerk watches OUR HERO as he scans the store’s limited selection.

Unsure of whether to be more surprised by the fact that he has an actual customer in the age of Netflix or that said customer is wearing the attire more suited to online viewing: no shirt and sweatpants – the clerk watches on.

Our Hero holds up a DVD in each hand and begins to look back-and-forth between them. After scratching his head for an extended period of time, he strides over to the counter and slams down both DVDs before the clerk.


“Sod it, I’ll take both.”


“Okay. So that’s one copy of ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and one copy of ‘Kangaroo Jack’. Enjoy your evening and make sure you return them by Saturday as we’re being shut down next week.” (more…)